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Real sustainability!!


For many companies, the attribute "sustainable" has become a component of their PR strategy that is difficult to verify in terms of content.


Of course we could have gotten our electricity for the Segways from a green electricity provider, but for me as a Dipl.-Ing. that would not have been a real solution for electrical power engineering.




We all get the same electricity mix in Germany. The term electricity mix means the proportionate composition of the electricity generated in Germany according to  energy sources. The German electricity mix in the first half of 2020 consisted of 55.8% renewable energies. A clear shift in favor of renewable energies remains.

We have therefore built our own power plant on our roof. This allows us to expand the share of renewable energy for our entire household. This will produce around 14,000kWh in 2021.

Despite two plug-in hybrids, we were able to cover around 30% of our total requirements with our solar power on average in 2021. A memory should increase that greatly. In addition, we were able to feed around 10,000 kWh into the public grid.

Mathematically, we use 69% environmentally friendly energy!!




How do we make sure the Segways are only charged with our solar power?


Very easily. Using a programmable contact in the inverter of our solar system, we ensure that the Segways are only charged when at least 2000 watts of solar energy are available. Since our main business is in the summer, this method works perfectly!


With the sun to the meeting place!


Since 2019 we have used the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2019. It showed that we could drive almost all business trips electrically. (Peak value: 1250 km with 38 liter E10)

Fully electric on the road from 2022!

Now we will switch to a BEV, i.e. fully electric vehicle. It's the


Hyundai Ionok 5

Why? Thanks to intelligent control in our wall boxes, the car is only charged when the sun is shining. With the plug-in, because the battery was too small, we had to charge it even in bad weather or at night in order to drive as much as possible electrically.

The 72.6kWh battery does not always have to be recharged immediately.

With this we make a big contribution to the preservation of our climate!

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