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A Segway PT is an electrically powered one-person means of transport with only two wheels lying on the same axle, between which the person being transported stands and which keeps itself balanced by electronic drive control.



The driver stands between two wheels arranged side by side on a platform and can easily hold on to the handlebars. Each wheel is driven by a separate electric motor via an individual wheel drive. Different speeds of the wheels allow cornering as with tracked vehicles.

The vehicle is self-balancing. Electronics automatically drive the Segway PT in the direction the rider is leaning. As soon as the sensors register that the driver is leaning forwards or backwards, the wheels turn in that direction. The locomotion is controlled exclusively by such weight shifts, there are no controls for braking or accelerating.

This functionality corresponds to walking upright, in which the center of gravity of the body is always above the contact surface of the feet. The Segways can therefore be operated intuitively.

Pivoting the steering rod to the right or left causes the corresponding cornering. As soon as the driver leans to the side with the handlebars, the sensors register this and the respective wheel rotates more slowly, causing cornering.


road safety


Several safety reports have come to the conclusion that the safety risks and the potential for conflict with other road users are no greater than with other approved small vehicles.

Only a few accidents have been reported since the product was launched. With more than 5 m/s², the braking deceleration exceeds the legal requirement of 3.5 m/s². In a report "Segway in public transport", which the TU Kaiserslautern published on behalf of the BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute), Hartmut Topp writes: "The risk of accidents and the danger of falling appear to be lower compared to bicycles, for example.

There is a risk of accidents if a wheel loses traction (e.g. on black ice) or collides with obstacles (deep potholes, high curbs or walls). Novice drivers sometimes underestimate these dangers.


We recommend watching the official safety video.









situation in Germany


Since July 25, 2009, the "Ordinance on the Participation of Electronic Mobility Aids in Traffic" ( MobHV ) has permitted use throughout Germany.

In order to drive a Segway, at least the authorization to drive a moped must be proven (§ 3 MobHV). Also for those born in 1964!

Segway PT


The classic Segway PT - ideal for city tours. The perfect synthesis of function, form and driving pleasure. With a width of only 63 cm narrow enough for almost every door.



  • Maximum speed: 20 km/h

  • Range: 38 km

  • Weight: 47.7 kg

  • Transport dimensions: 64 cm × 48 cm

  • Hoop: Ø 46 cm, W: 9.5 cm

  • Ground clearance: 9.5 cm

  • Max. payload: 120 kg

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