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Discover the Moselle

Gleiten Sie mit Segway durch die zauberhaften Weinberge

und erleben Sie puren Fahrspaß!


We don't have any fixed dates

Check the tour calendar to see if your day is still free.

If so, reserve your appointment here.


If an appointment has already been entered, another customer was faster. But you are welcome to join the Segway tour.


Experience the optimal symbiosis between an innovative means of movement and a unique landscape. Drive with us along the vineyards, high up, along the beautiful Moselle valley.



  • The Ordinance on the Participation of Small Electric Vehicles in Road Traffic (eKFV) applies.

  • Minimum age 14 years accompanied by a legal guardian

  • Minimum 45kg and maximum 118kg

  • Helmets are compulsory on the tours (we provide them free of charge, but you are welcome to bring them with you)

  • No physical fitness is required, but there should be no physical disabilities or cardiovascular problems.

  • Pregnant women are not advised to take part in the tour.

wine tasting?

Would you like to do a wine tasting at a winemaker's after the Segway tour?


Ask us.


We arrange it so that we end the Segway tour directly at the winemaker.


Of course, this offer is valid for 2 or more people!


The billing takes place at the winemaker.


€15 per person

​"...this is only for young people"


"...I can not do that".

Anyone can do it!


Do not get along with the device,

it doesn't cost you a cent!

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